Wooden photo frame of dry leaves

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Special design for lovers of dried leaves of exotic plants, it can also be used as a picture holder and ornamental plants can be placed to make it more striking, just insert glass. Free 3D models
Wooden photo frame of dry leaves for tiny house

Wooden frame of dry leaves description

A dried leaf wooden frame is a decorative object that combines the natural beauty of dried leaves with the warmth and elegance of wood. These frames are used to frame photographs, works of art, certificates or any other object that you want to highlight.

The elaboration is an artisanal process that requires patience and manual skill. The first step is to collect dry leaves of different shapes and sizes. It is important to choose leaves that are in good condition and have an attractive texture and color.

Once the leaves have been collected, we proceed to prepare the wood. The type of wood used depends on the preference of the craftsman, although they are usually hardwoods such as oak or walnut. The wood is cut to the desired size for the frame and carefully sanded to leave it smooth and without blemishes.

The next step is to apply a varnish to the wood to protect it and give it a shine. The varnish can be transparent or a specific color, depending on the style that is sought. Once the varnish has dried, the dried leaves are glued to the wood. It is important to place them carefully and harmoniously, to create an attractive design.

Once all the sheets have been glued down, a layer of clear varnish is applied to protect and hold them in place. This layer of varnish also helps to give the frame a shiny and elegant finish. Finally, a protective glass is placed on the front of the frame, to protect the object to be framed.

They can be of different sizes and shapes. The most common sizes are small frames for photos or postcards, and large frames for artwork or certificates. Regarding the shape, the frames can be rectangular, square or have more creative shapes, such as circles or hexagons.

In addition to their aesthetic beauty, dry-leaf wood frames have other benefits. First of all, the dried leaves are a natural and sustainable material that does not harm the environment. In addition, each frame is unique and has its own personality, since each sheet is different. Finally, these frames are a great way to add a touch of nature to any space.

When choosing, it is important to consider the style of decoration of the space where it will be placed. These frames adapt very well to natural and rustic environments, but they can also be an interesting addition to more modern and minimalist environments.

In summary, a dry leaf wooden frame is a decorative object that combines the natural beauty of dry leaves with the warmth and elegance of wood.

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