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Hello, my name is Pedro J. Fernandez C, I am an urban architect and 3D designer, thanks to this profession I have been trained to help others with my skills and I perceive the world in a more human way with a realistic sense of the state of the people who I get to know on my way. 3D design has been a positive experience and it is one of my strengths, through this clearer illustration of the conceptual mental idea of the client and I represent it digitally, and thanks to it I am left with the personal satisfaction that I have added value to another person. , and that's what it's about right? . "This is our nature." Since I was little I was interested in the function of things and why? From this question my primordial passions were born, the architecture and multifunctional object design, these two concepts combine to create optimal spaces as well as tools or objects that add value to people regardless of their age or physical condition. Currently I continue to carry out my career and my passion for design, which is one of my favorite hobbies and I focus on the construction of objects through 3D printing. I hope you enjoy the designs of my page and more importantly they are of your help and fulfill their function. Thanks.