Room vanity table for small women

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Special design for small women, with a modern and simple style, with dimensions width: 0.90 m length: 0.45 m height: 0.90 m, ideal to install in small spaces and to be built on a cnc router with MDF material or Melamine. Free 3D models and pdf
Room vanity table
Vanity table
Front view

Small vanity table description

A small dresser is a piece of furniture that is commonly used in bedrooms so that people can fix themselves, do their hair and put on makeup. It is a piece of furniture that has been around for a long time and has evolved in terms of design and style. This piece of furniture is commonly used by women, but it can also be used by men.

It generally has a flat surface, which can be made of wood, glass or another material, on which you can place the objects that will be used during the grooming process. In addition, a small vanity has one or more storage surfaces, such as drawers and shelves, for storing beauty products, styling tools, and other items.

They can be of different styles and designs. Some have a more classic look, with carved legs and a round mirror, while others have a more modern look, with clean lines and a rectangular mirror. Some vanities may have a single mirror, while others may have a center mirror and two folding side mirrors.

You can also have a chair or a stool, which is used to sit on while using the dresser. The stool or chair can be upholstered in fabric or leather, and can have different designs and colors.

Choosing the right dressing table will depend on individual tastes and needs. If you have a small bedroom, a small dresser will be ideal, since it will not take up too much space. On the other hand, if you have more space, you can opt for a larger and more elaborate dressing table.

They are useful not only for their storage and work surface capabilities, but also for their ability to enhance the look and functionality of a bedroom. For example, a small dresser can help keep makeup, beauty products, and styling tools organized and close at hand, instead of scattered all over the bedroom.

When choosing a small dresser, it’s also important to consider the type of storage you want. Some dressers have drawers and shelves, while others have a flat top and no storage at all. If additional storage space is needed, it is important to look for a small dresser with enough drawers and shelves to store all the necessary items.

As for the mirror, you can have a free-standing mirror or a built-in mirror. If the dresser does not have a built-in mirror, you can opt for a free standing mirror or a wall mirror. It is important that the mirror is the right size for the vanity, so that it can be used correctly and that it is easy to adjust.

In short, it is a piece of furniture that is used in bedrooms to get ready, do your hair and put on makeup. It comes in different styles and designs, and can be of different sizes depending on the needs of the use

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Lateral view
Top view

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