Sideboard for open kitchens

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With the IKEA style, this furniture is perfect for spaces in houses and small apartments, its white and simple line hierarchizes the environment where it is located, its dimensions width: 1.50 m length: 0.45 m height: 0.60 m, easy to build in the traditional way or using the cnc router system. Free 3D models and pdf
Sideboard for kitchens
Rustic sideboard
Front view

Rustic Sideboard description

A rustic sideboard is a piece of furniture that combines the functionality of a wardrobe or chest of drawers with the charm and aesthetics of rustic decoration. It’s a popular choice for those looking for a practical and attractive storage solution that would fit well into a rustic or country decor.

It is typically made of wood, and can be of different types, such as pine, oak, cedar, or walnut. The wood used to make a rustic sideboard can be treated to give it an aged, weathered look, with dents and marks that resemble old wood.

The design is simple, but practical. It has one or more doors and drawers, providing storage space to store clothes, kitchen utensils or any other desired object. The interior of the sideboard can be made of natural wood or it can be lined with decorative paper to add an additional touch of rustic style.

A distinctive feature is its finish. Often they are finished with a layer of wax or oil that not only protects the wood but also enhances its natural beauty. In some cases, the sideboard can be painted in a neutral tone or a soft color to create an attractive contrast to the wood.

Hardware can also be a key element in your design. Handles and hinges are often wrought iron or antique bronze, giving them an aged and worn look that complements the sideboard’s rustic style.

The shape can also vary. Some are rectangular and short, with short legs, while others are tall and narrow, with a cabinet-like appearance. Rustic sideboards can also have hand-carved details, such as floral or intricate designs, that add a personalized touch to the piece.

It can be used in a variety of spaces in the home. In a bedroom, it can be used as a chest of drawers to store clothes and accessories. In a dining room, it can be used as a display cabinet to store crockery, glassware and cutlery. In a living room, it can be used to store books, magazines, and other decorative items.

The rustic sideboard can also be used outdoors, on a patio or covered porch, to provide storage for gardening tools and other outdoor items. It is important to take into account that rustic sideboards must be treated to resist outdoor conditions, such as humidity and sun exposure.

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Lateral view
Top view

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