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Minimalist line design shelf that works as a partition to divide spaces, its measurements width: 2 m length: 0.40 m height: 2 m, ideal for building in the traditional way and cutting on a cnc router with MDF or melamine. Free 3D models and pdf
Vertical shelf

Partition shelf description

A partition shelf is a smart solution for those who want to keep their home or office organized and tidy. This type of shelf is perfect for separating and organizing different items in a room, while also offering a practical and decorative storage solution.

It is made up of different compartments that can be used to store books, magazines, ornaments, plants and other decorative objects. In addition to being a practical storage solution, the partition shelf can also be used as a decorative centerpiece in a room, offering a creative and modern way to show off your style and personality.

The material can be wood, metal, glass, or a combination of these. The choice of material will depend on the style of home decoration and the available budget. The woode is a popular choice as it offers a warm and natural look that suits different decorating styles. The metal, on the other hand, has a more modern and sleek look, ideal for homes and offices looking for a more industrial feel.

The size will depend on the number of objects that you want to store. Can be small and compact, ideal for smaller rooms, or large and spacious for larger rooms and for storing a large number of items.

The shape can be customized to suit different decorating needs and styles. Partition shelves can be square, rectangular, round, or more unusual shapes such as hexagons or triangles. Additionally, partition shelves can be modular, allowing the user to create different configurations and shapes based on needs and preferences.

The compartments can be of different sizes and shapes, depending on what you want to store. The compartments can be in the shape of a square, rectangle, trapezoid, among others, and can be open or have doors to hide the contents. The compartments can also be height adjustable, allowing greater flexibility in organization and storage.

The shelf can be used as a room divider, especially in open concept spaces. Strategic partition shelf placement can create different areas in a room, offering greater privacy and functionality. In addition, the partition shelf can be used to create different environments, such as a reading area or a work space.

It can also be customized with different features and accessories. For example, built-in lights can be a great way to highlight items stored on the partition shelf, creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. In addition, the partition shelves can be equipped with power outlets, so that electronic devices can be charged and used directly on the shelf.

In short, it is a practical and modern storage and decoration solution. The partition shelf can be customized to suit the user.

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Partition shelf
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