Modern floor shelf and bookcase for small space

Modern floor shelf free DWG,stl,obj,3ds,dxf,3D max

Free furniture design for container house and tiny house, ready to download

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Designed with a simple architecture line of dimensions width: 1 m length: 0.50m height: 0.60, ideal for tiny houses, houses and small apartments and ready to build with a cnc router. Free 3D models and pdf
Modern floor shelf and bookcase
Floor shelf

Modern floor shelf description

A modern floor shelf is a practical and functional piece of furniture used to store and display objects in the living room, bedroom or office. It is a vertical piece of furniture that rests on the ground and is made up of several levels or shelves.

It can be of different sizes, shapes and designs, from the simplest and most minimalist to the most sophisticated and elegant. The choice of shelf will depend on the space available in the room, as well as the objects that you want to store and display.

They are usually made of materials such as metal, glass, wood and plastic. The materials used in the manufacture of the shelf can vary depending on the style and decoration of the room, as well as the buyer’s budget.

The structure can be made of metal or wood, depending on the design and functionality of the furniture. Metal shelves are usually stronger and more durable, while wooden shelves are warmer and more welcoming.

Glass shelves are a stylish and modern option that allow the display of objects in a transparent and clear way. The glass used in the manufacture of the shelves can be tempered, which makes it more resistant to shocks and scratches.

Plastic shelves are an economical and lightweight option that adapts to different styles of decoration. This type of shelf is easy to clean and can be used in different rooms of the house.

They can also have different features, such as wheels, LED lights, and drawers. These additional features can enhance the shelf’s functionality and allow for additional storage in the room.

The casters are a handy feature that allow you to move the shelf from one place to another in the room without having to lift it. This can be useful when you want to change the layout of the room or need more shelves to store items.

LED lights are a decorative feature that illuminate stored items and make them more visible. These lights can be of different colors and can be adjusted to create different lighting effects in the room.

The drawers can be used to store items like remote controls, magazines, and other small items. The drawers can be of different sizes and shapes and can be adjusted to the user’s needs.

The design and style of the modern floor shelf can vary depending on the space and decoration of the room. Modern shelves often have clean, simple lines and use materials like metal and glass to create a sleek, sophisticated look. The more traditional shelves use wood and have more ornate and detailed designs.

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