Minimalist desk with drawers and storage for tiny house

Minimalist desk free DWG,stl,obj,3ds,dxf,3D max

Free furniture design for tiny house and container house, ready to download

Compact houses furnishings

Design to be built in cnc router with dimensions width: 1.20 m length: 0.50 m height: 0.75 m, ideal for tiny house treehouse, houses and small apartments. Free 3D models and pdf
Minimalist desk with drawers and storage

Minimalist desk description

A minimalist desk is a popular choice for those looking for a clean and simple design in their workspace. Minimalist desks are characterized by clean lines and basic materials, creating a sleek, modern look.

One of the key aspects is the size. These desks are usually compact and do not have any unnecessary features that take up space on the work surface. A typical minimalist desk is 100-120cm wide and 50-70cm deep, making it ideal for tight spaces.

They also stand out for the careful selection of materials. Instead of heavy and ornamental materials, light and simple materials are used, such as metal, wood or glass. Metal is a popular choice for desk legs as it is strong and durable, but it can also be stylish and minimalist. Wood, on the other hand, can add warmth and texture to the desktop, while glass can add a touch of elegance and transparency.

In addition to size and materials, it is also characterized by its functionality. Rather than having open drawers and shelves, minimalist desks often have built-in features that maximize your work surface. For example, some desks have a built-in shelf for storing books or a keyboard tray that slides under the work surface. These features are designed to be useful and not to take up unnecessary space.

Another important aspect is color. Minimalist desks are usually in basic, neutral colors, such as white, black, or gray. These simple and elegant colors fit into any decor and can also help keep your workspace clean and organized.

In terms of design, they often have clean, simple lines. The edges and corners are carefully rounded to prevent them from feeling hard or uncomfortable. Also, minimalist desks often have a flat, even work surface without excessive frills or details.

When it comes to ergonomics, they can be adjusted to the right height for the person wearing it, helping to reduce neck, back, and shoulder strain. Some minimalist desks also have additional ergonomic features, such as an adjustable keyboard tray, to ensure comfort while you work.

In short, a minimalist desk is a great option for those who are looking for a sleek and simple design in their workspace. These desks are characterized by their compact size, careful selection of materials, functional features, basic colors, and clean, simple design. A minimalist desk can also be ergonomic and adjustable to suit the needs of the person using it

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