Coffee table with compartment

Minimalist coffee table free DWG,stl,obj,3ds,dxf,3D max

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Design ready to build in CNC Router, with dimensions width: 0.70 m length: 0.70 m height: 0.50 m conceived for tiny house, treehouse, houses and small apartments. Free 3D models and pdf
Coffee table
Coffee table

Wood coffee table description

A minimalist coffee table is a piece of furniture that is characterized by its simplicity and elegance in its design. These tables focus on functionality and aesthetics, and are usually made with high-quality, durable materials.

In terms of design, the tables usually have simple geometric shapes, clean lines, and smooth surfaces. The most common materials for its construction are glass, wood and metal, although they can also be made with other materials such as stone or marble.

The height is usually the same as the height of the sofa, so that it is easy to reach from any position. In addition, they are usually proportional in size to the space in which it will be placed, so as not to overwhelm the room.

They can be of different shapes, from square or rectangular to round or oval. They can also have multiple layers or shelves to increase their functionality and storage.

As for the decoration, these focus on simplicity, so they do not usually have unnecessary decorations. Instead, they can be decorated with minimalist design objects, such as a flower or a carefully selected book.

As for the colors, they are usually neutral colors such as white, black, gray and brown. These neutral colors allow the table to easily blend in with any decor and environment.

In addition to their sleek and modern design, they also offer a host of practical benefits. For example, their minimalist design allows them to fit perfectly into any furnishing style, from modern to classic. Plus, their high-quality construction means they’re durable and strong, so they’ll last for many years to come.

Another benefit is that they are easy to clean and maintain. Its smooth, unadorned surface means there are no corners or crevices where dust or dirt can collect. Therefore, they can be quickly cleaned with a damp cloth or mild cleaner.

In short, a minimalist coffee table is a modern and elegant piece of furniture that focuses on simplicity and functionality. Their clean, geometric design means they fit seamlessly into any decor style, while their high-quality construction means they’re durable and strong. Plus, they’re easy to clean and maintain, making them a great choice for any home.

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