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Minimalist bookshelves free DWG,stl,obj,3ds,dxf,3D max

Free furniture design for tiny house and container house, ready to download

Compact houses furnishings

Furniture with a minimalist line to be placed in small spaces such as tiny houses and treehouses with dimensions width: 1.20 m length: 0.40 m height: 0.80 m, ready to build in the traditional way or cnc router. Free 3D models and pdf

Minimalist bookshelves description

Minimalist bookshelves are elegant and functional storage units characterized by their clean and simple design. These shelves are usually used in contemporary and modern spaces, where the aim is to create a minimalist and clear environment.

Minimalist bookshelves can be made of different materials, such as wood, metal, glass, or plastic, but most are built with clean, simple lines. Most of these shelves are medium or large in size and can be placed on the wall or on the floor, depending on the available space and storage needs.

The minimalist shelves are characterized by their simple and elegant design, with clean lines and without decorations. The goal is to create a functional storage cabinet that doesn’t draw too much attention and integrates well with the overall style of the room.

These shelves usually have a simple structure, with a series of shelves that are supported by a frame or support. Shelves can be of different sizes and shapes, and they can be adjustable to accommodate different sizes of objects.

One of the advantages is its versatility. These shelves can be used to store a wide variety of objects, from books and magazines to decorative objects and electronics. Minimalist bookshelves can be used in the living room, home office, children’s room or any other space in the house where additional storage is needed.

Another advantage is its easy maintenance. With no embellishment or complicated details, these shelves are easy to clean and keep in good condition. Metal or glass shelves can be cleaned with a damp cloth, while wooden shelves can be cleaned with a dry or slightly damp cloth.

As for the design, they can be of different styles and colors, from black and white to more striking tones such as red or yellow. The goal is to create a bookcase that fits the overall style of the room and complements the other furniture and decorative objects in the space.

They can also be customized to meet specific storage needs. For example, some bookcases may have closed compartments for smaller or delicate items, while others may have adjustable shelves for larger items.

It is important to consider the available space when choosing a minimalist bookcase. It is important to measure the available space in the room and choose a bookcase that fits the space. If you plan to mount the bookcase on the wall, it’s important to make sure the wall is strong enough to support the weight of the bookcase and the items stored.

It is also important to choose a bookcase that is safe and stable. Minimalist shelving is usually lightweight and easy to move, but it’s important to make sure it’s well balanced and doesn’t tip or fall easily.

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