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Multifunctional furniture to be placed in small spaces with minimalist line and white color IKEA type with dimensions width: 0.80 m length: 0.45 m height: 0.80 m, easy to build and ready to cut on a cnc router. Free 3D models and pdf
Cabinet IKEA type
Low cabinet
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Low cabinet description

A low cabinet is an essential piece of furniture in any home. It is a low-height piece of furniture that is generally found in the living room, dining room or bedroom. The low cabinet is a versatile and functional item that provides a large amount of storage space and can be used for various purposes. In this article, I will describe a low cabinet that meets these characteristics and offers a complete storage solution for any home.

This is made up of a solid base with four legs that support a series of storage compartments. The frame is made of high-quality wood and features a durable, elegant finish that protects it from scratches and abrasion. The legs are made of strong metal and provide solid stability for the furniture.

It features a series of storage compartments that are divided into sections to offer a wide variety of storage options. In the central part of the cabinet, there is a series of drawers with soft locks that offer additional storage space for small items such as books, documents and other household items.

On either side of the drawers are open shelves that provide additional storage space for larger items such as books, magazines, vases, and other decorative accessories. Open shelves are also ideal for placing entertainment devices such as DVD players, video games and televisions, allowing the low unit to be used for multiple purposes.

At the top of the cabinet, there is a large surface that can be used as a coffee table or as a support for entertainment devices. The surface is large enough to support TVs up to 50 inches and is also ideal for placing decorations, vases and other home accessories.

On the back of the cabinet, there are a series of holes to allow the passage of cables and connections, which facilitates the installation of entertainment devices and prevents cables from getting tangled. The cutouts also allow the cabinet to be placed close to a wall without causing access problems to plugs and connections.

Overall, it’s the perfect solution for any home that needs extra storage space and is looking for a versatile and functional piece of furniture. Its elegant and durable design makes it perfect for any home space and the wide range of storage options makes it a versatile option to meet all your storage needs. Additionally, the cabinet is delivered pre-assembled, making it easy to install and reducing the time and labor required to get it up and running.

In short, it is an excellent option for any home that needs additional storage space and is looking for a versatile and functional piece of furniture. With its elegant, durable and versatile design, it offers a complete storage solution for any home space and can be used for multiple purposes.

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Lateral view
Top view

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