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Shelf for basements of houses and city apartments with capacity for multiple objects, with measurements, width: 1 m length: 0.50 m height: 1.50 m, ready to cut and build in cnc router with MDF material or Melamine. Free 3D models and pdf
Basement storage free dwg
Basement storage
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Basement storage description

A basement storage unit is a key piece to keep objects and supplies stored in this underground space organized and tidy. Basements are often places where a large number of objects and tools are kept, which can quickly become messy and difficult to navigate. A basement storage cabinet can help solve this problem by offering a place to store and organize items, as well as keeping them off the floor and protecting them from moisture and dust.

It can be of different sizes and designs, depending on the specific storage needs of the home. Some of the types of storage furniture that can be used in the basement include bookcases, cabinets, chests of drawers, work tables, and workbenches. The choice will depend on the space available and the objects that you want to store.

Bookshelves are a popular option for basement storage. They can be of different sizes and designs, and can be made of different materials, such as wood, metal, or plastic. Open shelves allow you to see the stored objects, while shelves with doors offer greater protection against dust and moisture.

Cabinets are another popular option. They can be of different sizes and styles, and may have doors that swing out or swing up to maximize storage space. Cabinets may also have shelves and drawers for more detailed organization.

Drawers are an ideal option for storing smaller objects. They can be of different sizes and designs, and can be built into the wall or placed on a shelf. Drawers may also have locks to protect stored items.

Work tables and workbenches are ideal options for basements used for DIY projects. These pieces of furniture offer a stable and durable workspace for projects that require tools and supplies.

In terms of materials, furniture needs to be strong and durable to withstand basement conditions. Wood and metal are popular choices for basement storage furniture as they are strong and durable. Plastic furniture is also an option, as it is resistant to moisture and easy to clean.

It is important to choose a basement storage cabinet that fits the available space and fits the storage needs of the home. It is important to ensure that the storage cabinet does not hinder access to other areas of the basement or interfere with the functionality of the space.

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