Simple cabinet with shelf for tiny house

Auxiliary cabinet free DWG,stl,obj,3ds,dxf,3D max

Free furniture design for tiny house and container house, ready to download

Compact houses furnishings

Simple and minimalist style of easy installation, optimal for small spaces of houses and small apartments, with dimensions width: 1.2m length: 0.30m high: 0.80 m, ideal for building in the cnc router system. Free 3D models and pdf
Simple cabinet with shelf
Front view

Auxiliary cabinet description

A side cabinet is a versatile piece of furniture used to provide additional storage space in a room. These cabinets can be used in any room in the house, including the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or living room. Side cabinets are ideal for those looking to maximize storage space in small rooms or areas that need extra storage.

They can be made of different materials, such as wood, metal or plastic. The choice of material will depend on the style and durability that is desired. Wood cabinets are often more aesthetically pleasing and durable, while metal or plastic cabinets may be less expensive and easier to clean.

It generally has a height of around 30-36 inches, a depth of 12-18 inches, and a width of 24-36 inches. Of course, these measurements may vary depending on the manufacturer and product specifications.

They may have one or two doors that swing out to provide access to storage space inside the cabinet. Some cabinets also have shelves inside to provide a wide range of storage options. Shelves are ideal for storing large items such as plates, glasses, and mugs in the kitchen, towels and cleaning supplies in the bathroom, or books and knick-knacks in the bedroom or living room.

When it comes to choosing, there are some important considerations to keep in mind. First, the size and shape of the available space must be considered to ensure that the cabinet you choose will fit the space perfectly. It is also important to consider the size and weight of the items that will be stored in the cabinet to ensure that the cabinet is strong enough to support them.

Another important consideration is the style and design of the cabinet. Some cabinets have a more traditional look, while others have a more modern and contemporary design. It’s important to choose a cabinet that matches the style and décor of the room to create a cohesive look.

In addition to providing additional storage space, they can also be used to add a decorative feature to a room. Some cabinets have a painted or stained finish that adds a touch of color and texture to the wall. There may also be decorative accents on the cabinet doors or shelves that add visual interest.

Side cabinets can also be used in combination with other cabinets to provide even more storage space in a room. For example, in a kitchen, multiple side cabinets can be used to create a complete wall of wall-to-wall storage. This not only provides plenty of storage space, but also creates a cohesive and clean look in the room.

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Lateral view

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